13 June, 2015

Monthly Outfit: June

Totally still wearing leggings tho!

dress - H&M
bag - Bershka
case - Bershka
sandals - Tamaris

14 May, 2015


The closer summer gets, the more i'm excited for autumn. Made this little guy to remind myself about the upcoming colors of fall!

07 May, 2015

Monthly Outfit: May

I will totally not wear that hat, but wait, weather might throw a hissy fit and change for the worst, like the spoiled brat she is :D So ye, better be prepared!

bag - self made
shoes - Vans
case - Tally Weijl 
t-shirt - Reserved
hat - H&M
cardigan - Lidl

07 April, 2015

Monthly Outfit: April

I have this policy, under dress in winter and overdress in summer. Thank the clothes gods for them in-between seasons ;v;

bag - Bershka
shoes - random store
watch - gift
case - Ozaki
scarf - H&M
jacket - H&M
t-shirt - trifled 
necklace - H&M

31 March, 2015

Cosmonaut Cat

So i made a children's book. It's about this little white fluff of a cat, who kinda wants to roam space! Behold, his day to day life seen through his big starry eyes :D

So here's to the adventurous dreamy types! Hope my little project gave you a few chuckles ^^

14 March, 2015

Forest Tote

Stamps. Making stamps is a hoot, actually stamping, a horror. Its like they are the most pretentious of things, always coming out vague and un-crispy, making me redo and fill in after each coat. Cheeky buggers. But! Its mostly real fun to spread the pattern out and make it all connect :D

Planning to make more and soon make them available at my facebook page and at TRASH :D

07 March, 2015

Monthly Outfit: March

Haha, March you're so silly, piling snow like nobody's business! Little did u know now, i have boots and im not afraid to use them >:D 

bag - self made
boots - Reiker 
case - cheap Chinese store
jacket - Pull and Bear
top - Lidl (the granny in me speaks!) 
hat - self made 
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