22 January, 2015


"Chekmedje" is a tiny little shop that sells delish muffins, serves your water in hand-made, holder-less mugs, with all the vibrant hats you can feast your eyes upon.

The kind ladies and creators at the shop were sweet enough to give a show room to some of my framed minions, themed to fit the knittiness of the place. I'm so so happy ;v; 

19 January, 2015


Right, right? Just me? I'll show myself out ;v; So i've been a mini hat manufacturing place the past week or so, making at least one hat a day! Praise me, praise me!

Thanks grandma, for letting me steal all your yarn. Thanks university, for not getting in my way of knitting. Thanks carpel tunnel syndrome, for not kicking in. So much to be thankful for :D 

Ghost cat thanks you for paying attention to this. Good bye and go knit!

16 January, 2015

the Fox and the Crow

... or how it's absolutely not the same familiar fable and instead a happy tale for both of them. This was a story board assignment for one of my animation classes. I love the freedom they give us to work our thing and change stuff how we like. So pleased ;v;
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