31 March, 2015

Cosmonaut Cat

So i made a children's book. It's about this little white fluff of a cat, who kinda wants to roam space! Behold, his day to day life seen through his big starry eyes :D

So here's to the adventurous dreamy types! Hope my little project gave you a few chuckles ^^

14 March, 2015

Forest Tote

Stamps. Making stamps is a hoot, actually stamping, a horror. Its like they are the most pretentious of things, always coming out vague and un-crispy, making me redo and fill in after each coat. Cheeky buggers. But! Its mostly real fun to spread the pattern out and make it all connect :D

Planning to make more and soon make them available at my facebook page and at TRASH :D

07 March, 2015

Monthly Outfit: March

Haha, March you're so silly, piling snow like nobody's business! Little did u know now, i have boots and im not afraid to use them >:D 

bag - self made
boots - Reiker 
case - cheap Chinese store
jacket - Pull and Bear
top - Lidl (the granny in me speaks!) 
hat - self made 
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