18 November, 2014

DIY: Navajo Phone Case

Because its autumn-y and i wanted to make something with warm colors. For this easy shmeasy DIY you'll need a buncha things you probs already have: 
  • a bunch of perler beads in colors you fancy
  • a cheap phone case
  • strong adhesive or a hot glue gun
  • patience 
Play with the beadies, and choose a pattern that speaks to you on an intellectual level. Congratulations the most tedious part is almost done! Take a sip of coffee and fret a bit more. Also don't make any sudden movements or get excited too much.

Finished? Gewd. Mind the little gap for the camera and smush the thingie with your fave heat source (preferably a clothes iron). Now align your newest treasure to the case and glue to your heart's content. 

And presto manifesto, you're done! Marvel at your new most precious thing and go and make the same Christmas gift for your entire family tree. Yea, it's that good! Hope you liked this :D

16 November, 2014

An intro to a Mon-ster

Greetings friendly creatures! I am Mon and i was forced to create this blog thingie by the little demon in disguise Lady Lilly. I'm a 3rd year graphic design and animation student with, what i like to think, a lot of time on my hands. I'm a veteran cat lady and a healthy eater in training. I love going to bed late and waking up 12 hours later, dreading my bad decisions. Altho i don't really go out of my cave, i will make many crafty things to share. Here's to being active, not.
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