27 February, 2015

Freebies: Masked Monsters

Cleaning out my drawers made me scan these two, and i thought with this ingenious noggin of mine: "Heh, maybe someone would want them on their wall as well, im such a good lass." That was a nice ego boost there :D Joke aside tho, these two monsters are totes free and you can grab them over here for the blue one and here for the pink one!

Please do not remove my name from them, or use them for any personal gain. that would be a bit of a bummer :< Other than that you are free to plaster them on any wall or make them into cards to give as gifts as much as you want :D Have fun!

16 February, 2015

Sounds: Zach Winters

I've been a clingy frequent over at noisetrade.com ever since i first picked up the scent of free music! And what gems it has to offer, i cant even! Zach Winters is one of them with his absolutely winter-y album - Monarch. You can go grab it over at their site, with just a simple email registration by clicking here.

In the mean time i'll continue melting over his sounds and paint trees and drink coffee. Cheers :D
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